Abu Dhabi and San Francisco based start-up. Dapi uses open banking to connect fintech applications with banks.
Design MVP
Product Development
The partnership started around July 2019 and is ongoing.

Bank connections, made simple
Meet the Client
Dapi's world leading banking API is the bridge between your app and your customers' bank accounts. It provides the secure payment initiating and data access in real time mode with one simple integration.
They remove obstacles facing innovators, empowering an ecosystem of fintech products that wouldn't be possible otherwise. By doing all the heavy lifting, Dapi enables developers to connect to any bank through a single API for initiating payments or integrating financial data.
Understanding the Challenge
Dapi has been excellent at coding, but they appeared to be lacking a design expertise, which used to make the product development more difficult and to impede the investments.

At the starting point of our cooperation they had already integrated with a couple of banks and had their own development plan.
We've Built Plan A
Design MVP & make a prototype
Design system for integration in 3rd-party apps
Website redesign, marketing materials, and UI guidelines preparing
A dashboard for developers and clients creating
and prepared Plan B ...
you know how it happens when you're a start-up
Starting Point
with Dapi
The main goal of our 1st version was to attract investments in the product. We were lucky to easily reach the mutual understanding with Dapi team regarding the design and in a week the initial version of a couple of main screens was duly ready.

After the design elaborating and the prototype preparing we took a break for fundraising as we agreed before.
How It Works in Reality
Avoid filling in a hundred and one puzzling fields, but just pick the bank you want and log in. Done! The magic's worked! Make your one-click transfers!
You Can Customize Dapi Interface as You Like
We've designed the easiest way to make UI look exactly the same as your app. Change whatever you want. Controls, colors, shapes and a lot of other elements and parameters.
Website & Web App
We collaborated closely with their in-house development team, introducing the best practices to improve their products as fast as Dapi grew up.
We also designed and built website and management system for setting up Dapi to the client's products. To do this, we used Vue.js – modern web development frameworks that improved both speed & quality of Dapi's digital touchpoints.
Promo Site
& Admin Panel
Going on with
the Project
When you build a real business
you can hardly ever say "OK! We've done it". You will get clients' feedback, partners' tasks, and new deals all the time after the launch.
What's Ready for Now
White lable app
Success investing deals
+5 country supported
Promo Website
Dashboard for devs and clients
and the work is still in progress ...
Client's Words Speak Louder Than Anything Else
Mohammed Aziz
CEO & Co-Founder
We're just amazed to see how quickly Brave Wings can deliver!
We first thought through a product from a UI/UX perspective alongside Brave Wings and then handed that piece off to them to develop. They created the UI of our product's MVP so that we could raise more money with investors. It was meant to be a short, one-off project. However, the engagement has since expanded.

For the past year, we've relied on Brave Wings for our design needs rather than hiring an in-house design team. They contribute to three key pieces. First, they're designing the interface for third-party users to access their banks. Second, they've created a dashboard for developers that use our APIs and access the tools they need to customize it. Third, Brave Wings is designing our new website. We needed a better, clearer, simpler way to communicate our value to different stakeholders.

In addition, we help our clients envision what our product would look like if it sat on their platform. Brave Wings is building out product interfaces there.
Project cast
Andrii Horbachov
Daniel Moss
Volodymyr Gosovych
Vasily Palamarenko
Art Director
Lead Designer
Project Manager
Product Designer
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