Design Process
Design is about how your product works, how users solve their tasks and how they pay for it. Here are a few steps of the process below.
1. Discovery
We will create a product strategy, values and goals. We are syncing-up with stakeholders and we group a rock-star team.

Due to deep understanding of a product, we can avoid most of the mistakes in design and development and so prevent you from eventual arising outlay.
Basic deliverables:
  • Product Overview;
  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Customer Portrait;
  • Competitors Analysis;
  • Value Proposition Canvas;
  • User Stories Mapping
Time frame: 1-2 weeks
2. Prototype
After we have been 98 per cent aware of your product we start the making. The initial stage is to map all the user's flows, which give us the comprehension of the user's exact ways of using the product and making payments.

Then we make the interactive prototype to cover all the user's flows. It looks like the real product where the user can interact with every element and see every flow as we provide onboarding, empty states and other helpful stuff.

Thus, we've got an ability to test it on the target audience. It's high time we estimated development costs and time frames at the stage as well.
  • User's Flows;
  • Screens Map;
  • Clickable Prototype.
Time frame: 1+ month
3. Design
Yep, some magic is coming here. Wouldn't you like your product to look perfect?

We introduce 2-3 concepts to define the suitable visual style of your product, in other words to try out how it looks & feels. After you have fallen in love with it, we fill up the Design System.

We create components like color palette, typography, inputs, buttons, controls and states of everything that matters.

The right system results in our creating pretty good UX. Based on our experience the development & design costs are less but the speed is more. So, you can easily test the ideas, scale the product and reach its traction.
  • UI design;
  • Adaptive States;
  • Design System.
Time frame: 1-2 months
4. Measure
We're a data-driven design team and as we always rely on analytics in our work we would really like you to make good use of it too. It's just because we are absolutely sure that a data-driven approach is a reliable key to all and every success.

We'll define all important metrics like DAU, MAU, Retention, Buying funnels and so on and so forth to work out the clear and intelligible specification for the developers.

This data gives you a vision of what way the users exploit the app, the percentage of buyers, etc. All mentioned gives you a magic tool to make right decision and get the best solutions.
  • Analytics Specification;
  • Track: CAC, Retentions, DAU, MAU, C1, C2 and etc..
Time frame: 2-3 days
5. Support
We are always ready to support, improve and extend your product. Based on analytical data we can drive the product metrics and solve additional design tasks.
Time frame: as long as you need
Please note that we only cooperate with the founders and decision makers, which we consider to be an important point in reaching great results

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