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The product is aimed to help small businesses manage and digitalize documentation and business processes
Anyone who builds a business from scratch knows how hard is to manage everything timely. New staff, new partners, new reports… Oh gosh, seems like you don't have time for all of these! But at the same time, how can you find a perfect solution to cope with these pains? Of course, a tracking system is the key!

But what system should you pick? All existing solutions require a lot of money, time and effort in terms of implementation. And when you don't have too much time to start business scaling, you pick another option. You create a needed software within your business needs and requirements. Especially, if your company is also an IT organization, just like NTEC Media. They created their own solution to solve their own issues.
About Project
Our challenge was to redesign old app, make it stylish, modern, simple but at the same time uncommon and interesting.
Research & Prototyping
The product consists of many different blocks designed to solve certain problems of small business, which led to its congestion and complexity. So we started with the analysis and created a special structure for everything within the app.
The first prototype
After spending a few days with the client, we prepared a primary prototype model and spent a lot of time interviewing all stakeholders. The interviewing process was productive and quite exciting. After we acquainted with the main stakeholders we've been able to reduce the main functional twice! Communication is the key, they say.
After a long interview session, we've been able to get back to what we love – creating magic. We crafted the first wireframes for an MVP, keeping in mind all suggestions and needs from stakeholders.

At that stage, a list of core functions was formed to help optimize the development process and at the same time prepare a new sales strategy.
The task was difficult and easy at the same time. The main approach was developed with understanding of scandinavian design style. Large fonts, bright accents, and pleasant animation helped make the perfect prototype.
One of the main challenges that we have faced within the project was ensuring planning and monitoring the time spent on work. We made a time tracker section within the app to solve this tak. As a result we developed a view tom help managers check an employee workload and employee achievements at any time and place instead of checking shift schedule on the door and employee's office visiting paper signed form.
Time Tracker
Since the consumers of this product are Norwegians, they are very familiar with the feeling of working at night. To be even more correct, at the polar night. Therefore we developed a special design solution to capture that feeling.
Night mode
Brand Identity
The main idea of the logo was that the product combines many useful functions and at the same time this complex ecosystem is inseparable from small business.
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We know that today you search for a solution, but not just service. That's why we ensure that your initial vision will grow into a something you can use or sell. And not the other way around. We provide profitable products.
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