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Taking care of rentals just got easy. Proper puts property maintenance in the palm of your hand
About the product
You’re a landlord. Water tap is broken. At your estate. You’re tenant. Washing machine needs a repair. At your rented home. You’re a contractor. Electricity is gone. Right when you’re trying to repair a washing machine.

Sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it? But it happens sometimes. Usually it’s not all at once, but when it happens, you want to solve a problem quickly and without much effort.

Finally, landlords, tenants and contractors can properly control the maintenance of the entire estate through a mobile app Proper. Solve hundreds of tasks with a few taps. Control your property, properly.
Screens designed
560 hours
Skype calls
Unite tenants, landlords and contractors in one application to solve maintenance and repair of real estate issues. Make a comfy and easy-to-use solution to communicate, report and resolve issues.
Research & Prototyping
Of course, the first and the most important step is Research & Prototyping! The whole essence and success of the product are concentrated here.

Defining UX and User Types
Our approach was concentrated around end-users and usability. No matter what we create, the main goal is to make people use it and like it. That’s why the most important part is to address issues of your target audience.

Proper was aimed to have three user types: Landlord, Tenant and Contractor. Each of the type has a specific age range, mindset and needs.
We tried to achieve a goal of convenient and understandable user journey and interface for each category. It took quite a long time to dive into needs and wants of these people, and we made every tiny arrangement from Story Mapping to User Flows to make our analysis results as accurate as possible. After UX part was defined, we moved to a magic UI stage.
UI Design Stage
Visual magic begins here. The way your product looks is just as important as the ease of use. Taking into account Client requirements, we build our UI part from scratch to deliver beautiful application.
Tone of visual voice
We started with how visual interface should… "sound"! Yes, you've got it right. Our Client provided us with a mudbord defining the way he wants the design to look. The wishes were: "Friendly", "Pure", "Easy", "Light".
Updates are super important, and that's why application update cards with the latest activities were always reachable. When you tap the card, you proceed to an attached order.
Creating a new order is more than simple
Order cards are sorted in chronological order. You can easily check the last events happened within the order.

We work with love
To create a consistent and consistent design of the interface, we have created a design system in which all the components of the system are displayed, showing their states and usage rules
Components based User Interface Design
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We know that today you search for a solution, but not just service. That's why we ensure that your initial vision will grow into a something you can use or sell. And not the other way around. We provide profitable products.
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