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If you expect that we will talk about a cool design or a kick-ass technology stack – it's not true. What's the difference if it's crucial for you to test your idea and start earning money?
Top 1 reason of fails new startups is "No one needs the product" – 42% of all failures
According to the statistics and the market research, a 64% of the initially planned functionality in a software product often is not used. It means that a big part of the budget and valuable time is spent on unused or rarely used features.

Don't rush into coding until you know what your customers need and for what they will pay.
How it works
Discovery Phases
The goal of the Early bird Phase is to eliminate risks and uncertainty that would prevent giving a more precise project estimate. During this phase, we will provide you with a fully clickable prototype created using the best practices and latest trends in user experience.
Design + Development First MVP
We recommend starting building your MVP Only when already done Discovery phase. Based on our experience we had prepared the library of UI elements and can make the development process faster based on already done blocks.
At this point, your MVP is ready. We will produce the deliverable the way you want it by making it live and handing the project to you. During this phase, we will test the product several times making sure it is stable and sustainable.
Let's create a success story
We have a fixed price packages for you that you can plan your budget and time. We recommend you to start from "Early bird"
Like a rocket
  • All Early bird Phases
  • Design System
  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • Technical Documentation
$ 25 000
1-2 month
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  • All Early bird Phases
  • Custom Design System
  • Custom Front-End
  • Custom Back-End
  • Technical Documentation
from $ 60 000
4-6 month
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After "Early bird" is completed you will:
Know about your clients and their needs
Will help you to build your growth strategy and marketing
Do first sells to your customers
Sign first contracts, share your product and earn first money
Pitch to investors and get some money
We had several stories when clients got an investment with our prototypes
Sounds sweet?
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Describe your idea
I'm interested in:
Describe your idea
I'm interested in:
Describe your idea
Our works
Forged with courage ✊
It's never been easier to handle your business and human resources with Internia, a digital mobile solution perfectly suitable for small businesses
Proper App
Taking care of rentals just got easy. Proper puts property maintenance in the palm of your hand
Tool for sales manager in digital development that helps estimate costs and revenue of development. Generate PDF with estimations for client
Let's talk
We know that today you search for a solution, but not just service. That's why we ensure that your initial vision will grow into a something you can use or sell. And not the other way around. We provide profitable products.
Tell us what you need in your MVP and we'll build it!

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