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We help early-stage funded startups, series A and series B startups, venture capital firms and accelerators.

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Forged with courage ✊
It's never been easier to handle your business and human resources with Internia, a digital mobile solution perfectly suitable for small businesses
Proper App
Taking care of rentals just got easy. Proper puts property maintenance in the palm of your hand
Tool for sales manager in digital development that helps estimate costs and revenue of development. Generate PDF with estimations for client
About us
Wings to Fly, Brave Enough to Try. And Succeed
Brave Wings is a team of superstar designers, analysts and developers. That operate worldwide, from EU to the US. We helped to skyrocket ideas in different business domains due to team seniority and various expertise. Our team are brave enough to deliver a solutions, not just service. We here to help you grow, improve and succeed. Bringing together experienced UX and UI designers, business analysts, and software engineers, we turn your brave ideas into brilliant products.
We adheres to ethical business principles, which are expressed in the care of our employees, educational initiatives, trusted relationships with customers and partners.
Success code
Every day in our work we follow these principles in order to achieve maximum results
Working products, not just interfaces
Only solutions, not just features
Transparency at each work stage
Data-driven solutions, without bullshit
Analysis and strategy in the beginning
Explore. Develop. Test. Repeat
Every idea is unique and requires unique approach. We are not another outsourcing digital agency. We believe that ideas must result in excellent products and bring profit. Excellence comes through dedication, and that's why we guarantee individual approach to every project.
Andrii Horbachow
Co-founder at Brave Wings
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We know that today you search for a solution, but not just service. That's why we ensure that your initial vision will grow into a something you can use or sell. And not the other way around. We provide profitable products.
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People can fly, because people can dream. Through dreams we find ideas. Are you brave enough to let fly with us?

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