Brave Wings is Permanently Closed — We Have Joined SOLO!
Five years of victories and failures, happy and sad moments, working from bomb shelters during a war, but most importantly — five years of growth. After working with over 90 founders from all over the world to build fintech products — some of which were MVPs, others that went onto serving hundreds of thousands of users, Andrew and I (Dmitriy), have decided to dissolve Brave Wings to join, as full-time members, SOLO. We never imagined, after working with over 30+ startups with total investments over $65m, that we would one day leave behind Brave Wings to join one, but the magical and impressive Georgina Merhom has captivated our minds with her vision to build SOLO; a smart banking platform that is automating financial management and facilitating cross-border trust for businesses all over the world.

The Brave Wings team, with all our designers, is now of part of a future unicorn. We're going to give every brain cell, every pixel in Figma, every user-story, and our souls to make it happen.

Viva la SOLO! Viva la Fintech Revolución! →

We left the rest of our website as a history

Design that breaks products & brands growth bottlenecks for Fintech and SaaS.

We extract your uniqueness to enlarge your impact on your audience using the strength of design and creativity.

Our passion is to help digital products founded by visionary founders and product owners to challenge the market.

We are followers of the idea to cooperate with people that share the same values and mindset.

Passion, values, and challenge empower us to create an out-of-bounds design that dramatically transforms products, people, breaks bottlenecks out to grow and scale.

A design that your users, your team, your investors, and you will love!

Brave Wings agency trusted by brave companies with over $65m of investments.
Forged with courage ✊
Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay makes money transferring between people much easier.
Former Google employees startup with $9,5m of investments.
Abu Dhabi and San Francisco based start-up. Dapi uses open banking to connect fintech applications with banks.
Zeta bank
Manageable but powerful banking for entrepreneurs. All your business needs in one place.
We align our minds with this principles everyday
Have a passion for what you do
Use underdog mindset
People over the documents and processes
Rock 'n' roll
Connection between people is a key
Be empathetic
Trusted by brave companies
with over $65m of investments
Very effective on the most part. Kudos to Brave Wings for great remote-work collaboration! We never met the team in person, but Brave Wings became an extension of our local team. Quality and thinking around design, strategic design management, and good respect and understanding for client-vendor relationship. Very timely with design, often surprisingly.
Asim Janjua
CXO, Co-Founder at Mamo Pay
For the past year, we've relied on Brave Wings for our design needs rather than hiring an in-house design team. They contribute to three key pieces. First, they're designing the interface for third-party users to access their banks. Second, they've created a dashboard for developers that use our APIs and access the tools they need to customize it. Third, Brave Wings is designing our new website. We needed a better, clearer, simpler way to communicate our value to different stakeholders.
Mohammed Aziz
CEO & Co-Founder of Dapi
Playces exist to make sports and cultural facilities smarter and available for everybody, everywhere. To achieve our mission we need to build the best team and use innovative technology and design. At this stage Brave Wings comes to the rescue. They provide state of the art design and technology helping us to reach the next level on our mission. We recommend using Brave Wings for all brave companies out there trying to reach their goals.
Founder at Playces
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